Saturday, May 25, 2013

Joshland Unfiltered Podcast: Episode 6 - Living With B. Cepacia

The newest episode of the Joshland Unfiltered Podcast is up and ready for your hearing aparatuses. Or is it aparatusi? Anyways...

In this episode we chat with Diana and Lauren about living with CF and the "big-bad-bug" that is burkholderia cepacia. They make no bones about the fact that b. cepacia is a serious respiratory bacteria that comes with many life-altering consequences, but they aren't going to let it stop them from living their lives and achieving their goals.

In non-CF babble...err...content, we talk about stupid things people say to CFers, dogs dancing to dubstep and Barry Manilow? Yes, Barry Manilow. 

This was an interesting episode for me since I know very little about b. cepacia. In fact, the only thing I was told about it is that it's a terrible bug that know one wants to get because it can do major damage to your health and limit your options for care and transplant during the end stages of cystic fibrosis.

In other words, it's a nameless, faceless monster that has everyone freaking out about who they're around and what they touch...which is completely understandable because I, for one, don't want to get it and I certainly am frustrated for Lauren, Diana and anyone else who cultures it.

At the same time, B. Cepacia has a lot of different strains and affects every person who has it differently. You can't predict how it will grow or change, you can't predict what your health will be like in one year or ten years, so I think Diana and Lauren are great examples of two people who are making the most with their lives despite the tough hand they've been dealt. 

I took more from their very happy go lucky attitudes on and off air than I did from the b. cepacia talk. Don't get me wrong, I learned a lot from them about B.C., but I found their joyful presence to be so uplifting.

There was no hesitation in their voices and there was no sound of constant fear in their voices. These two women were honest with their thoughts, the reality of their futures and the happiness they live in today. As with all of our guests, I feel more inspired for having known them and sharing our conversation with all of you. Together we're educating the masses and we're showing the world that people with CF are just normal people who like videos of dancing dogs and are HUGE Barry Manilow fans. 

We are more than CF. 

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Peaceful Things and Stay Positive,

Josh and Tim

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