Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Joshland Unfiltered Podcast: Episode 2 - Transitioning From Pediatric To Adult CF Care Teams

Well...it's here! The first REAL episode with our guest panelists, Emily and Kelsey as well as the music of CF rapper Bobby "B.Fos" Foster is uploaded for your listening pleasure. I'll let the episode about transitioning from the pediatric to the adult CF care team speak for itself. You can listen to it here, but it would really help if you subscribe to us on iTunes as well.

I also want to make sure you go to the Joshland Podcast here on Welcome to Joshland and consider donating a few bucks to purchase headphones for our guests. Listen to the podcast or read this link to see why...


Now...I wanted to talk for a moment about taping a podcast...

I give Emily, Kelsey and every future podcast guest a ton of credit for being on the show. Sitting in front of a microphone and sharing your thoughts isn't easy because when you're on a recorded podcast or a radio show, what you say is out there to be heard and critiqued forever. They're wonderful people and I'm proud to have them as guests on our first podcast. I applaud their bravery and honesty, therefore, I must be brave too. Here it goes...

When I speak in front of an audience, I have a rehearsed and well crafted speech. I'm never nervous in front of people and I think that's because it's a gift I've been given. It's something I was meant to do. Share my story and support others with my words. Not to sound arrogant, but when it comes to public speaking...I'm damn good at what I do.

A podcast is a different animal.

When anyone is asked a question on the spot or they're under a little pressure to come up with the right words, they use what are called "filler words"—umms, aaaahs, and ya knows—while they're trying to convey their thoughts. Because of my cerebral palsy I do this all the time...pressure or not. I tend to talk my thought process out loud and my true thoughts and or message gets discombobulated through my verbal vomit. I know I'm doing it while I'm doing it, but it's really hard to control. Sometimes I cry because I know what I want to say in my head, but it doesn't come out that way at all. Then the CF lung issues kick in and I sound like a hyperventilating imbecile.

That's why I waffled over whether or not to start this project. I'm not afraid to be honest and say what I think when needed because nothing I say is ever intentionally malicious or hurtful, but as I said before...this is out there forever. I can change what I say in a blog post, I can craft a response on Facebook or in a chat room, but not on a podcast. Would it hurt me as a public speaker? Would I say something that might ruffle some feathers? Would I say something that might upset parents who have kids that love Moganko? All because I can't control my words?

Then I thought about it a little more and I decided I can't worry about what others think of me. I have to be myself. Thanks to my friend and producer, Tim Grossklaus, I have the opportunity to give people a voice that haven't had the opportunity to share their story. I have the opportunity to grow as a person and face my challenge of cerebral palsy head on. To listen to Tim and learn patience, how to slow down and speak clearly to my audience and still be the fun-loving guy people expect me to be. We really are having a good time when we're recording. You can't fake laughter and fun and I hope that comes across in each episode. Thank you, Tim, for the opportunity.

I hope you'll tune in each and every podcast to learn about these people, their life with CF, their life beyond CF and to listen to me turn those umms and aaahs into beautifully crafted and conveyed thoughts over the coming months and hopefully years of this podcast. Beating CF and CP at the same time. Sounds good to me. Literally.

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  1. Thank you for stepping out and doing something that you may be uncomfortable with but that you know is needed. I look forward to following the series!

    Often times, our greatest stories are told after our greatest discomforts.


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