Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing the Joshland Unfiltered Podcast!

As if I needed another project...

The Joshland Unfiltered Podcast launches today! It's a CF podcast that gets inside the heads of the CF Community to talk about all kinds of topics with respect and honesty. 

Hosted by little old me and "Normie Producer" Tim Grossklaus—AKA "Timmy G", each episode will feature guest panelists with varying viewpoints and will include topics such as:

• The 3 Foot Rule
• The ups and downs of Social Media
• CF Couples
• CF Parents
• Spouses of the CF Community
• Myths and Reality of Transplant and Organ Donation
• Transitioning from a Pediatrician to an Adult Doctor
• Relationships and Friendships
• Gender Roles
• And many, many more

We'll also have different reoccurring segments each episode to bring a little laughter and lighten the mood after some serious discussions.

Using social media, listeners can interact with our podcast while we're taping an episode, continue the respectful discussion after listening to episodes and submit topics and panelists for future episodes. Send us an email, Like our Facebook Fanpage and follow us on Twitter to be a part of your...yes...YOUR podcast! This podcast will only work with your help.

Click here to listen to and subscribe to us on iTunes

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Please don't worry. Moganko won't be a part of this podcast. He'll always be a kid-friendly character to teach wonderful lessons to families. I just needed an adult outlet like this blog to share my adult side too. I swear I have one!

Peaceful and Podcasting Things,


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why Me?

"Why me?"

I hear that a lot when people feel they're at their darkest hour. It's a legitimate question. Yet, for every person that says "Why me?", I can find ten more people who probably have a better reason to ask that question on this particular day. For instance...

I couldn't breathe very well today and I started to feel sorry for myself. Then I logged onto Twitbook and saw a post from a friend who's waiting for a lung transplant and is losing the ability to focus on things for more than five minutes at a time thanks to their lack of oxygen.

Humbled back to earth, I took a moment to appreciate my frustrating but minimal struggle for breath, then hopped in my car to head to a meeting with a former teacher. While I was driving, I coughed up something akin to "Slimer" from the Ghostbusters and I naively snapped back into "Why me?" mode.

Internally wallowing in my self-pity, I sat down to talk with my wonderful teacher and mentor who I hadn't seen in almost two years. During our visit she told me about one of her former students—10 years my junior—who just had a tracheostomy (a tube surgically placed in the windpipe that gets hooked to a ventilator) because they've lost the ability to breathe independently thanks to Duchenne-type Muscular Dystrophy. My teacher said this person was still pretty positive despite all of their struggles.

Even though I still felt justified to say "Why me?" today, after I heard that story I felt pretty foolish about overly dwelling on my cough and my trouble breathing.

Life is hard sometimes and we all have "Why me?" moments. 99% of the time they're justifiable reasons and we have every right to feel the way we feel...for a moment. And I did. Then I thought of my friend waiting for lungs and I thought of this young person with DMD who's still fighting even after all the bullshit life has thrown their way.

Then I looked in the mirror and said:

 "Say 'Why Me?', Josh. I dare you."

Peaceful and Powerful Things,


What'd You Think?

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Peaceful Things ~ Josh
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