Wednesday, August 22, 2012

See You Later, "Gramma"

When I originally read this letter that I wrote to my grandma aloud, it was only intended to be heard by our family's ears. When I finished reading it, I was asked to read it again at her funeral. I was so honored to represent my cousins and I'm proud to let the whole world know how awesome it was to be one of her grandkids. Here's the letter with some pictures of us rowdy cousins...well, the ones I could find with as many of us as possible. Vincent and need to be in more pictures. :-D.....:

By default, I'm the eldest grandchild. I'm certainly not the best writer of the bunch, that distinction goes to Molly and you'll find out why during what I'm sure will be a lovingly crafted eulogy you'll hear later. That being said, I can hold my own when it comes to delivering a message…especially when the message needs to make it all the way to heaven. So Grandma, listen up! This is a letter I wrote to you on behalf of all of your grandkids.

Not only was Angie the first grandchild, but she was the first girl born in the Mogren family after a VERY LONG drought. It's fitting that your first shot at being a grandmother would start off on a different foot all together than your time as a mother. The next part of your amazing journey...

You wore many hats as a grandma and supported us in every aspect of our lives. You were an advocate of many causes, a cameo guest star on Bizzare Foods, an executive producer of a movie based on real events about terrorist bears on an airplane, a multi-performance attendee of every play and recital known to mankind, a front row cheerleader at hundreds of sporting events, a counselor of broken hearts, a healer of scraped knees, a booster of secondary education and you had an amazing lap where you told the best stories, both written and from memory. You were also the best candy sharin', soda purchasin', Christmas, Birthday and everyday spoilin', Minnesota Twins watchin', slot machine pullin', Florida visitin' , theme park takinest, meal feedinest, song singinest, bestest Grandma in the whole wide world.

But you were so much more.

You were sweet and wise. You were kind and generous. Grandma, you loved us so much and beamed whenever you talked about your grand babies. Plus, your heart was open to each and every person we ever brought over to your house, so you ended up having many more grandkids than just your special bunch. Those extra grandkids may not have been blood, but once they met you…they were yours forever.

The older grandkids got to experience something very special with you as adults. You, darling Grandma, were our friend. We asked you questions, we laughed and cried with you, we confided in you, and we got to know you as more than just our "bestest grandma". It breaks my heart that the younger grandkids won't be able to learn more from you and see first hand what a truly wonderful and brilliant woman you were and will always be. Don't worry, we'll do our best to share your spirit with them as they grow up.

Just last year, when my father passed away, I looked at you and asked why things happen the way they do. You looked back at me for a moment, paused your soap opera stories and said…"I don't know, Joshua. They just do and we just have to keep on living a good life."

So all of your grandkids—Josh, Molly, Andy, Chelsey, Jocelyn, Vincent, Corey, Kyle, Joe, Maggie, Katie, Alex, Carter, Macie, and your great grandkids Reese, Baby Addie and whomever else may come along—make you a promise here and now to keep living a good life while you cradle Angie in your arms as Grandpa, Steve, Gregory and the rest of our friends and family look on with a smile.

All of you watching over us from above.

Gramma, Grammy Grams, Gramma Mogs, Granny….You are loved and will be dearly missed until the day we meet again.

Love Forever,

Your Grandkids


  1. Such a beautiful expression of the love all the grandchildren, including your sister, Angela, carry in their hearts for their grandmother. Well-done once again, my son. You may be the oldest by default, and destined to be loved the longest by Grandma for all these years, but Angie is the first grandchild to love her in heaven and on earth. I love you very much, Josh. Grandma will treasure your words of love.

    Love, Mom xoxox

  2. What a beautiful letter and tribute to a wonderful woman. I hope you found some peace reading it at her funeral. I wrote a poem and read it at my Uncle's funeral years ago, and it gave me a lot of peace. I got to say things I wasn't so sure I said to him in person. I am sure your grandma knew how much you loved and admired her. I am sure she still knows now. Treasure the times you had with her. Peace to you Josh, and your family.


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