Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Joshland Rap & Your Part in The Moganko CF Project

Moganko has mad beatboxing skills. :-)

I created this song because I like rap music and while I'm certainly nothing special when it comes to rhymin' skills, I thought it would be fun to give it a try. My initial thought process went like this:

"What's the most ridiculous thing I can do musically to entertain the kids?"

Seconds passed...

"I could attempt to rap. Yep....that oughta do it. " :-)

Singing, or rapping in this case, is a great and fun way to do airway clearance therapy. I encourage you to use this as a tool with your kids. I put the lyrics on the screen so the kids could try to keep up with me. This will force breath control and probably create some BIG TIME coughing fits. I know it did for me and I KNEW where to breathe. ;-)

As far as the musical and visual creative aspects of the Joshland Rap video goes:

It took me a few days to write the lyrics and a few weeks to find the right beat, but when it came to the melody and hook I was stumped. I had an idea of what I wanted, but it didn't sound right when I tried to sing it. I needed some I called my buddy Rose from "Breathe" and she happily volunteered to lend her beautiful and soul-filled voice to this silly little rap song. She legitimizes what I wanted to accomplish with this song because:

1. She is ultra talented. I know you've all heard "Breathe" and love it. I do too, but, man oh man, if that's the only music you've heard from Rose, then you are missing out. She has so much talent and charisma it's amazing. When I think of all the people on the radio right now, I can only name a handful that sound as phenomenal on stage as they do in the recording studio. Rose has those quality in spades.

2. She knows she is more than CF. Sometimes (and rightfully so!) people get so wrapped up in a part of their life—CF or otherwise—that they lose their personal identity. Not Rose. We talked about how important it is to find that balance between promoting CF Awareness, yet treating it as just one of the many important aspects that make up our identity:

"Artists are artists intrinsically. We are singing and dancing, painting and writing. (We are ) creating (because) it feeds our soul. I want to be recognized for my music and my life with CF on two separate - but equally important - levels." ~ Rose Logue

Amen, Rose. You are wonderful and I'm so glad we've become so close. :-)

Check her out here singing one of her new tunes and like her Facebook Page so you can find out about her new LIVE album from the soon to be launched

Rose Logue on Facebook

Then there is the video:

• Each t-shirt I wear in the video represents a CFF Great Strides Walk Team or a CF-related organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the CF Community. See if you can pick them out. The yellow one is my CF Foundation t-shirt from when I was a kid. Sadly, it still fits me. Kind of. Thanks to everyone who sent me a shirt. :-)

• My little buddies from the W2J Posse who were so excited to be in the video. :-) They just wanted to hang out with the puppet and help me make CF kids happy. It was a lot of fun "on the set" that day. I think we spent two hours shooting footage and only got about 30 seconds worth that was useable, but lets be honest: When you're working with joyful and rambunctious little kids, then 30 seconds of footage is pretty good. :-) I love them all so much. Thanks for helping me, kids. You made this video amazing.

• And my longtime friend, Elysia, a professional puppeteer who has been spending A LOT of time shooting videos with me as well as helping me create the premise for the Basses Wild A Cappella music videos. She has a been a life saver and has brought another element of passion to this project.

Elysia told me that in her experience with live puppet shows, the results are often instantaneous and then never seen again. The fact that these videos and this music can be replayed over and over for people to learn about CF and will always be available to bring happiness to CF children who are struggling makes her so happy and proud.

I don't think these last few videos would be as successful without her helping hand...err...arm...whatever. Thank you, Elysia. I'm forever grateful.


As we near the launch of the Moganko CF Project this is where I ask you for your help. Start sharing these videos. Start writing about them on your blogs and on your social networking sites. I can do all of this creative work and gather up all of these amazing volunteers, but it won't mean a damn thing if people—especially little ones in the CF Community—don't see them. Share the videos as often as you can. When the site launches, share that too. Grass roots campaigns only work if they are set in motion by their supporters...I.E. - YOU!

You can even start sharing the project website: as a way to pump up the troops. The full content and message of the project and the website will be posted as soon as it's all done!

Peaceful and Rhymin' Things!


P.S. - If you liked this, wait until you hear the a cappella songs. :-)


  1. LOVE the rap song, love this making-of post, love musical Rose, love puppeteer Elysia, love all those posse kids, love the glasses, love all the CF T-shirts, love the the beat that sounds like a cough, love the lyrics, love the energy, love my grand- muppet, Moganko, love Carly who also loves my son!

    Mom xoxox

  2. Stephanie Leisinger (schoenrock)November 17, 2011 at 8:29:00 AM CST

    JOSH - this is amazing and you have mad rap skills. You continue to do such wonderful things and am so proud to know you. Also great that Elysia is helping as well! Lots of love Josh!

  3. You need to poast those other 2 songs you sang at the conference! I want to share them with a CF friend and my family!

  4. Josh
    You're a real inspiration. A friend linked us to you're site. My wife and I really enjoyed the video. It sure hit home with us because 8 years ago we lost our son to CF. His name was Josh


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