Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rough Run...

I've never been big on talking about my current health situation - PFTs, IVs, and doctor appointments - until I know all of the information about it. Even then I hesitate to share unless it's a very serious situation because I don't want people to worry their pretty little heads about me. IT IS NOT A SERIOUS SITUATION, SO SETTLE DOWN. Don't give me that crap about you not worrying because MANY of you do. That is not something I want people to expend their energy on. Getting sick is just part of having CF and I roll with it every day just like anyone else does.

Now...here is the update:

I've been on IV's for the last two weeks. No you didn't miss a post, I just didn't tell very many people about it. My prior stint of IV's in April got rid of some of the infection, but not all of it. So we have a new battle plan in place. Today's CF clinic appointment was...meh. Not bad, but not as productive as I might have hoped two weeks into treatments. I take solace in the fact the this plan has always been "slow and steady wins the race". Part of my troubles has to do with allergies and asthma and part of it has to do with being more docile than I normally am. Being on IV's with the majority of your small intestine missing is a miserable and draining experience. I'm exhausted all the time and I can't be far away from a bathroom for safety's sake. My lungs feel better, but I can tell that they have a ways to go. I'm confident that I'll show more marked improvement once I'm able to be more active after treatments are done. When will that be? When I am better. :-) Please keep me in your thoughts because I need all the positivity I can get.

On a personal note, I've been through an emotional and angry time. Working through issues that have lingered for a long time, but have only recently resurfaced and caused me great pain and frustration. I haven't wanted visitors because I've had the disposition of a wolverine, not to mention that fact that I haven't had the energy for them. I'm publicly apologizing for snapping, being short, and/or being very distant with everyone for a while, but sometimes a guy (who is RARELY angry) has to work through his anger on his own time. I've said it once and I'll say it again...being angry is healthy and honest emotion that will destroy you if you hold it in. Staying angry for a extended period of time is not healthy.

On the "Moganko Project" front, we've been making progress. It's noticeably slowed down since I've been ill, but I'm hoping for things to get finalized for the late summer/early fall. Let's hope everything falls into place as it should. I'm not promising anything as my health takes top priority obviously, but keep your fingers crossed. It will become reality. I CAN promise you that.

Peaceful and Slowly Recouping Things,


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Peaceful Things ~ Josh
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