Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I've Learned Since My Last Birthday & Things I Need To Work On

Hey Everyone - Between hospital stays and life in general, it's been chaos in Joshland the past few weeks..hence the lack of blog posts. I'll get back on track soon enough...and hopefully I'll be in a more cheerful mood. I've looked back at my last few months of blogging and I've noticed a lot of "bummer" posts in there. While those feelings are healthy, it's time to take my own advice and move forward in my life. Here are some of the things I learned this year and things that I need to work on in the next year of my life:

• You will succeed at somethings and fail at others. This is life in it's truest form. The only definite in life is: YOU CAN ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE ATTEMPTING. If you don't try, then you're letting yourself down. If you try, at least you'll never wonder "What if?" years later.

• People in your life will disappoint you at one time or another, but it's important to give them second chances. If you do decide to give them at least one more chance at redemption (which I highly recommend that you do), and they disappoint you again, you have to stop letting them break your heart. Do yourself a favor: Keep the people who fill your heart with joy closest to you. As for the others, don't wish misery on them, but keep them on the outside where they can never break your heart again.

• I need to stop letting people get under my skin so easily. I get so pissed off about what other people say and do that I waste precious time and energy worrying about it. Life is too short to worry about stupid people...unless they are hurting others with their words or actions.

• Before you judge someone, get the facts. People are too quick to cast judgment on people they do not know...I include myself in that statement. Ignorance works both ways.

• I need to spend more time in the real world and less time on the internet.

I miss my real life friends. It's amazing who we lose track of when our lives get away from us.

• Be who you really are all the time. Even if you are an asshole, at least you're being your "asshole self". I may not like it, in fact, I may despise it, but at least I'll know who I'm dealing with. I loathe fake people. LOATHE THEM.

• I need to be confident in my decisions instead of second-guessing everything. I need to be more of a planner. I need to be the leader that I know I can be.

• I don't have a ton of guy friends and I can't relate to a lot of the ones I do have. Some of the stuff they talk about is beyond me. Sometimes I feel stupid around them. Maybe I'm too sensitive? I don't know why I feel that way, but I do and sometimes it bugs me.

• I really miss network TV Saturday Morning Cartoons. The good ones (scream it loud, children of the 80's!)

• I really hate when people bitch about how old they are. Shut up! You made it to this age! Not everyone is that lucky! Sit down and have your damn cake, open your presents, and appreciate that fact that people love you enough to celebrate the day you came into this world. I've been to a few 60th birthday parties over the past few years. Wow...60 years! They make it look so easy to get there, but I'm sure it wasn't. I'm certain it had just as much sacrifice as it did happiness.

Of course, I am a hypocrite. I didn't want a 30th birthday party. I didn't want the fuss and such over my birthday because I used to look at birthdays as a countdown to death. "Not much time left for me, so I'd better not rub it in fate's face by having a party." Even though I had a great 30th birthday, I think some people were disappointed in my choice to not have the big bash. I'm sorry guys and gals. I promise you for my 40th birthday party, I'll let you spoil the shit out of me. I'll even let you mock and ridicule me with age-themed and not-for-public-viewing gifts. Start the countdown!

• I was fortunate enough to recognize a special point in a friendship this year. I knew this friend loved me like a sibling when she brought me her food from the head table because she knew my portion would not be enough to feed my appetite. She may not have seen her gesture this way, but I did and I love her for it with all my heart.

• I hate the "CF 3 Foot rule", but I will never break it on purpose. I saw what happened to Angie and I don't ever want to chance giving someone else my bugs. There is a reason it's an accepted practice in the community. That was never more apparent to me than in this last year of my life.

• I'm running out of stories. Let me rephrase that...I'm running out of stories to share publicly. I've written a lot of stories. A LOT. The thing is, I'm not sure if they are things I want to post on the internet. Considering how I've bared my soul and pulled no punches on this blog, I think that's saying something if I don't want to post them.

• I hope, wish, and BELIEVE this "Moganko CF Project" will work if I have everyone behind me. When it's time...I NEED ALL OF YOUR HELP. That's what I want from you for my birthday: YOUR SUPPORT!

Thank you for all of my birthday wishes the past few days and I'm sure (well, pretty sure at least) that there will be more to come throughout the day. :-)I love you all very much.

Peaceful Birthday Things,



  1. As always, an excellent post! Even though we have never met in person, you hold a very dear place in my heart. I hope your year is filled with tons of joy and as wonderful as you are!

  2. My sweet son,
    You have brought more joy and laughter into my world than any other person in the world. I love when our cheeks hurt and we are crying from such silliness. I love that our spouses look at us like we are crazy. I love that we can leave the heartache we have shared in its rightful place, while treasuring the happiness from the same journey. The depth of love you share by serving others, even though every day is filled with other "stuff" makes it so wonderful to be around you. Happy Birthday, Josh, and many many more.
    Love, Mom xoxox

  3. Good list. Can't agree more with many things on it!

  4. Happy Birthday, again! I can't wait until you turn 40! I'll be in charge of the black "Over the Hill" baloons!

  5. We all have things we can work on but thanks for admitting yours Josh! Happy Birthday and we'd love to support your Moganko project. What can we do? Send in our pics? I know, I know, I'm working on it!


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