Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Moganko's Summer Vacation & W2J Buttons

So....I do all of these Moganko episodes in my spare time. From concepts and brainstorming to shooting and editing, it's all for fun. I'll shoot a scene or two one day and then edit them while I do my treatments or while I have a moment to myself. I've been able to film them with very simple and low budget techniques that I've learned from my cousin Andy and from YouTube. It's become a lot more work than I ever anticipated...in a great way. I've had a lot of fun shooting these episodes and I'm happy that both kids and adults enjoy them.

That being said, I decided to take a break from Moganko for a little while this summer. I needed to take a step back and refocus my energy toward my personal life so that I could come back and use Moganko (and this blog) with a balanced and positive perspective.

Now I'm back filming episodes and (thanks to A LOT of happy volunteers) I've gotten into shooting more complex stuff. It'll take some time, but I'll be bringing you some new episodes very soon. Please be patient with me...it'll be worth the wait.

This latest Moganko short was a test shoot to see if I could create an episode using Chroma Key technology AKA Green Screen:

I had a little help from my seven year old buddy, Alex. He's always asking me to shoot things with Moganko, but because of the limited time we've had to hang out, we're never able to fit it in. Well, this time we made it work. I showed him all the ways that I create a video and we even made him a puppet. :-) Funny story about that:

At first Alex wanted to call him "Coxis", which sounded like coccyx - the tailbone part of your spine. Then he changed his mind and came up with - I KID YOU NOT! - "Snakey the One-Eyed Snake". The thought of either of those names on a kids-focused video was both unbearably funny and awkward all at once. After he stopped asking me why I was laughing at the name "One Eye", we finally settled on "Snakey The Chameleon Snake". Ahhh...to be innocent again.

The episode you are about to watch was a lot of fun to shoot. It was totally improvised and came from the mind of little boy with a great imagination. :-) Enjoy:

I'd like to do more episodes from the "Land of Whatnot" that will eventually tie into our CF adventures in the real world. More details on that idea to come, but for now I do have a request for your kids:

I need some more backgrounds for the "Land of Whatnot". If your kids (or you grown ups) are interested in creating a "Land of Whatnot" background, you can do so by taking a picture of or scanning in your drawings and posting them on my new Facebook Page:

Welcome to Joshland: The Blog & The YouTube Channel

I'll choose my favorite drawings to appear as backgrounds in a future episode, but I'll acknowledge all the contributions I receive! :-)

Joshland Note: I hated when I would enter a contest as a kid and my entry was ignored. No more I say!

The "Land of Whatnot" can be anything you imagine because that is what "Whatnot" is supposed to be. Here are the only rules:

- Crayon drawings on letter sized or legal sized pieces of paper. Keep the colors bright!

- Let me know the first name of the person who drew it so I can acknowledge them at the end of the video. :-)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

FYI on a similar topic - W2J on YouTube has now has blog buttons that you can pull off of the page (I give you permission. :-) and use them to link to My YouTube channel! Click here for 3 different color choices:


Peaceful and Imaginary Things,



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