Friday, July 23, 2010

Moganko Tries A Pulmonary Function Test

Joshland Note: Two posts in a week?!?! I've gone mad! Not really, I just wanted share the new Moganko video on my blog. Enjoy!

A lot of people have been asking me "What happened to Moganko?" No worries, boys and girls! Don't put his face on a milk carton just yet. Moganko told me he needed a little summer vacation to unwind (and unstuff?) from the stress of being Moganko. Everybody needs a little break sometimes in order to find themselves again. Puppets are no exception. So off he went to the place where puppets go for vacation...the Land of Whatnot. Maybe someday he'll share the pictures that he took while he was there...

Upon his return to Joshland, Moganko decided to accompany me to my recent CF clinic appointment just to make sure everything was groovy like a drive-in movie. As is the norm at my appointments, I had to do a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) that shows the doc how my lungs are working. Well, Moganko had seen this test enough times for his curiosity to get the better of him. He whispered in my ear and asked me if he could try it once just to see how it felt. After discussing it with the staff in the PFT lab, they agreed to let him take a shot at it. Here is the video footage of his attempt. Not too bad for a rookie...or a puppet.

You can share these videos on your blogs, on Facebook, wherever you want to, just give me a little credit when you do and we're all good. I want families to find these videos so Moganko can help them learn about CF.

Look for more videos in the coming months, but have patience, my friends. Good things come to those who wait. Until then, check out "Welcome to Joshland on YouTube" to see some of our other episodes.

Joshland Note: My appointment was groovy, by the way. I'm slowly making my way back to normal, though the oppressive humidity and torrential downpours around here have made exercising outside very difficult. I'll get there, but it might take a little longer to do it this time. My doc and I aren't worried.

You can click here to read more about what a PFT test is and see my typical doctor visit in my "A Day At The Doctor" post that I wrote back in March of 2009.

Peaceful and Lung-Testing Things,



  1. Wow! What did Moganko think of the nose plugs? I think they are a god look for him! Nice work, Joshy!

  2. 2 thumbs up Josh! PS - Hunter loves your theme song - he HAS to hum along and sing it everytime lol

  3. Priceless!! Way to go Moganko, you did GREAT!!! :)

  4. Moganko did a better job than you did. I think he has better technique. BTW, he's not a puppet. I hope he wasn't offended by your use of that term. He may need to give you a beat down if you call him that again. That's a video I'd like to see. Moganko give Josh a beating. Another video I'm looking forward to (which you may have post on my site) is "Moganko's Hospital Party - the Uncensored Version." I've heard a few copies still exist on the web but I haven't been able to find any.

    MOGANKO rocks!


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