Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moganko in: The Orange Juice Shake Up

For some that don't go to my YouTube Channel very often, here is a silly little Moganko short that shows a unique way to use High Frequency Chest Compression (HFCC) Airway Clearance Therapy:

I'm so happy that I'm getting such positive responses from families across the world. More episodes are coming soon, including part 2 of the CF Mini Series For Kids. If you'd like to, check out some of the other shorts I've done my YouTube Channel:

Peaceful and Silly Things For Kids,


P.S. - I AM NOT ENDORSING ANY PRODUCT, COMPANY, OR THERAPY OVER ANOTHER. This is just a way to make your kids smile and do this particular type of therapy.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That...

While I am waiting to finish up a few stories I've been working on (They're not up to my own high standards yet. ) I've decided to post this:

This is your opportunity to ask me a question...any question (within reason, of course) anonymously. Family and friends who read this blog...Do you have something you've wanted to ask me, but never knew how to do it? Do you new readers have a question about my life (CF or otherwise because I have a life that goes far beyond cystic fibrosis) that you are interested in hearing the answer to? you go!

Because you've asked it anonymously, there won't be hurt feelings, or at the least I'll appreciate the brutal honesty. But know this: I may not answer every question because let's face's my blog. :-) I look forward to any questions and I'll post some of them in a future blog post.

Peaceful, Positive, Thoughtful, & Inquisitive Things,


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Conner

I made this a few months ago for my little buddy Conner because I wanted to make him smile. His mom Sarah tells me it works and he watches it all the time. Right now he's fighting his heart out against a two-headed CF/Prune Belly Syndrome monster. :-(

Like all my little CF buddies, he does not deserve the stuff that comes with cystic fibrosis. $%^* $#@*% !!! This breaks my heart into millions of pieces. No more pain for little ones. That is my wish. CF, Prune Belly, Cancer, MS, etc...leave the little ones alone. Come pick on someone your own size you SOBs!

Conner - you are more of a man at 7 years old than I will ever be if I live to be 100. Happy Birthday, M'boy!!!

I'll post this for you and hope that everyone who watches it will send all their energy to you too. Keep fighting, little man.

Lots of love,

Josh & Moganko

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Video

Joshland Note: I know I've been "CF heavy" on my posts lately, but I wanted to share this video on my blog for those that aren't YouTube or Facebook inclined.

This is my CF Awareness Video. I think it promotes reality through positivity, humor, and honesty.

It's a continuation of my previous post on how I believe that positivity trumps sympathy in fundraising EVERY SINGLE TIME! Check that post out here:

"Ah...To Fundraise..."

FYI - Breathe 4 Tomorrow Foundation has started their Power of 1 Person campaign. Please go to this great site, donate a dollar, and tell two more people to donate as well. 13 levels to help amazing CF families live life while surviving this disease!

Finally, if anyone would like more info on any of these non-profits or you would like to donate to/participate in my CFF Great Strides Team on May 16th, please contact me via the comments section or use the email at the top of my blog. Thanks for listening to my fundraising schtick. :-)

Back to regular posts with 2 new stories coming up that I'll start sharing next week...PROMISE!

Peaceful and Positive Promoting Things,


What'd You Think?

One of my favorite things about my blog are the comments I receive on my posts. I am so thankful that you take the time to write them. I may not respond personally to everyone, but make no mistake...I read every single one.

If you'd like to leave a comment, but don't have an account that's listed in the drop down menu, choose the "Name/Url Anonymous" options. Then write your comment, fill in the word verification and click "Post Comment". I will receive an email and post your comment once I've approved it. :-)

Peaceful Things ~ Josh
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