Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Singing Mermaid Running For An Angel

This past weekend my fellow Breathe Singer, "The Soulful Singing Mermaid" and "Sister from another Mister", Rose, ran in the her first ever half marathon at The ING Miami 1/2 Marathon with 65 Roses CF Team. She met up with two of our CF kinfolk: Emily, Founder of the Rock CF Foundation, and one-year-post-double-lung-transplanter, Mike. I call them the Treacherous Trio. Thanks to all of her hard work training and saving - along with a little help from her friends across the country, Rose was able to gather up enough cash for travel expenses AND donations so she could participate in this run to cure cystic fibrosis.

What does this have to do with me, you ask?

Rose chose to honor my family by writing my sister Angie's name on her arm for the race. Seeing that made my heart race with joy and sadness. Angie LOVED to run. She loved to be active. She played basketball, softball, ran relay races, and swam like a little fish until her body wouldn't work anymore. Until she could barely go DOWN a flight of stairs without getting winded. From the moment we met Rose, my mother and I agreed: She is what Angela was and would have turned out to be if her body wouldn't have betrayed her. Rose and Angie are self-proclaimed "girly-girls" who love to be beautiful inside and out. They exude grace, wisdom, and charm while sharing their passion for life and for love.

The following is an excerpt from an email I received from Rose:

"...the feeling I had crossing the finish line was something I'll never forget. I thought about all of the people who lost their lives to this disease, Matt Scales, my friend Josh's sister Angie, and on and on. I thought about all of my friends living with this disease, I thought about my family (and those we've lost)...and my friends and all of you- those images pushed me through that last mile."

Mermaid - I know you are reading this, so I will say this in "Rosie speak": You are vicious and delicious. I Loves, Loves, Loves you so much. Angie is ALWAYS watching over you. Click here for Rose's Album - Fly!

A special congrats to my long distance buddies Mike and Emily. Keep kicking huge amounts of ass. CF and all!

In closing, I am blessed to be surrounded by a lot of strong women in my life. My gorgeous wife, my beautiful mother, my sweet grandmother, the spirit of Angie, and all of the other lovely ladies that grace me with their presence. It would take me years to list you all, so I won't because you already know who you are.

Thanks to all of my friends and family that were a part of making Rose's dream come true. These are the little things of life that make me happy and keep me peaceful. I hope they do that for you too.

Peaceful, Powerful, and Amazing Little Things,



  1. My friend, Kevin Bullock, ran with the 65Roses Team this weekend in Miami too. He ran the full marathon - his first - and raised $1300+ for CF. I am blessed to have such good friends that continue to raise money and awareness for CF, even after they have moved many, many miles away.

  2. Seeing Angie's name on Rose's arm made me smile and moved me to tears. All these years later, and she is still making a difference in the world. Lots of differences actually. Thanks Rose for honoring our angel in such a cool way. And congrats on your finish! The Mogren family loves ya!

  3. Brandi - That is awesome! Two things most CFers have in common is positivity and a fantastic support system of family and friends.

    Brian - Pretty fantastic, huh? Rose has a pretty huge "extended family" Mogrens and beyond. :-)

  4. So beautifully put. I am so honored to have such an amazing CF family which has emerged in such a short period of did I ever live without all of you?!
    kisses to you all!


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