Monday, December 21, 2009

My Early Muppet Christmas Present & a Link to My Past

Shortly after my wife and I first started dating, she made a startling observation about me. At least it was startling to me. Everyone else I asked completely agreed with Carly. She said that I really latch on to past experiences that give me security. Actually, what she just said was "You really liked certain parts of being a child, didn't you?" Yes......Yes, I did. And anyone who knows me sees that things haven't changed in my thirty years on this planet. Whether we're talking about pro wrestling, cartoons, movies, or video games, I've always had this driving desire for closure and comfort.

One thing from my childhood that I've always coveted are The Muppets. Those simple, furry, foam-rubber puppets always brought a smile to my face through their humor, music and message. I can't tell you how many times our family watched The Muppet Show while we did manual CPT in the early eighties. The VHS tapes were worn to the brink of snapping and the audio sounded like a fast food drive-thru box, but we still watched, laughed and sang along while Mom and Dad pounded to the beat of "Mahna Mahna Song" (AKA - "Lullaby of Birdland" for all you Muppet aficionados).

You see, I love Jim Henson's vision for the world. Full of goodness and giving, laughter and positivity. It's how I try to live my life and I attribute part of that to what I learned from his imagination. I believe it was fate that Jim Henson's Fantastic World was appearing at the EMP Museum in Seattle, WA at the same time I was participating in The Breathe Music Event. I swear, Angie had a hand in this phenomenal coincidence! Part of the exhibit involved playing with Muppets and karaoking (is that a word? It is now!) to one of several classic Muppet songs. I was the only one over 12 years old playing in the exhibit. When Carly saw the pictures from the trip, she jokingly said I looked happier there than I did I on our wedding day! Not true, but it was in the top five for sure! Until this Christmas...

I was browsing on YouTube during my therapy and happened across some funny posts people made with their very own Muppet Whatnot puppets! I had seen these things last year, but there have clearly been some upgrades to them since then. So I told my sweet wife that this is what I wanted for Christmas. "Really? Do you really need a Muppet?" she sweetly replied. I explained that I wanted to use my Muppet to help people - particularly kids - learn about CF on my YouTube site. I also let her know that I was going to use any Christmas money received to buy one anyways. She just laughed at me and said I would have to wait and see. Sure enough, the next morning I had a gift card in my email for my very own Muppet Whatnot from my beautiful wife. I ran into the bedroom and asked her why she didn't wait until Christmas. Her reply:

"You were so excited, I couldn't wait. Plus, there was no option to hold the online gift card until Christmas. So you just got very lucky, Mister."

I've got news for you, sweetie. I was lucky the day I met you. Sorry to be so mushy, but it is the truth. Love you, Carly.

So here is my new Muppet Whatnot, Moganko! It is going to help me have some fun on this blog and on my new YouTube site : "Welcome To Joshland". Our first assignment was to come up with a theme song and make a video for it. Hope you all enjoy it and will return often to have fun and learn from me and my little mascot:

You can check out more posts as they are created on the YouTube widget below all my blog posts, or go to the link:

Here's wishing all my readers Happy Holidays. I hope that even if you are a grown up, you'll never forget to be a kid. It's something we should all do every single day of the year.

Peaceful Holidays and Muppet Things,



  1. I cannot wait to see more from Moganko...and I guess you once in a while too :)


  2. LOVE IT!! You constantly crack me up!! So glad Carly has you all figured out...I have another project for us!!??!! Can't wait to talk to you too. Maybe tomorrow? :) If not have a wonderful Christmas and give those two amazing women in you life hugs from me!

  3. What an awesome idea Josh! My 2.5 year old son Tyler just made me replay it over and! He wants to hear Ronnie's videos all the time too! Ty does not have CF, but our 6 month old daughter does. We'll keep checking back for more! Kerry East

  4. Thanks for reading my blog! I'm hoping I can really start living again soon, look forward to following...

  5. Hilarious!! What a great idea! Merry Christmas Josh!! I hope you guys stay safe in all that snow! Looks like you got as much snow as we did rain!! Make a snowman..we never get to do that :) My dogs have never seen snow, i'd be curious to see what they'd do!! Lots of love to you and your family too!!!


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