Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick Thoughts And A Request

Here is a quick post about some of the hulabaloo happening in Joshland...

There's been such a positive response about The Breathe Event over the last few weeks. Thank you to everyone who took part in this amazing tribute to Matt Scales, especially CFvoice. I wrote about my experience on the project last month. You can check that post out by clicking here.

Because of the impact "Breathe" has had on the CF community, I was asked to introduce the song at the 2009 Breathe of Life Gala for the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. What a great honor and privilege! I got a little emotional while I was speaking, but everything came together nicely at the end. They raised nearly 1 million dollars towards a cure not including some VERY generous donations before the gala took place. Thanks CFF and all the compassionate donors. Whether it's a dollar or a million dollars, it all helps!

"Breathe" has introduced me to many unknown friends in the CF community who are reading this blog for the first time. My new friend Kat just added Welcome to Joshland to her wonderful non-profit website. The Blooming Rose Foundation was created to help new and "experienced" CF Warriors, as well as their friends and family, find positive support, resources, and information about CF in this vast wasteland we call the internet. Kat, I look forward to working together and giving hope to everyone who needs it. She rocks beyond all reason.

To my new readers...I hope you find my stories entertaining and honest. That is all I've ever hoped they'd be. These stories aren't always about CF topics. A lot of them are simply things that have happened to me...but CF seems to always sneak in there for a moment or two in every story. That is all I will ever give it...a moment or two. My life is far more than this disease and I refuse to give it top billing. I am Josh who happens to have CF. It has taken away more than it has given, but what I've received are lessons that will stay with me forever.

To my loyal readers....You'll be seeing a few different things when you walk through the gates of Joshland. I'm attempting to gather some special people to be occasional guest posters. I hope these guest posters will be willing to talk about their relationship with me or perhaps cover a topic that I have received questions about. That is...if they are willing to write. ;-)

I am also opening up the floor to questions or ideas for stories you'd like to hear about. I am always looking for inspiration and who better to help me out than my readers?

I will do my best to answer any questions you have honestly and will gladly take any story suggestions. I may not use all of the suggestions, but don't hesitate to send me your ideas because it may help me pull a different story out of my forgetful brain.

You have a few ways to send me questions:

1. You can comment anonymously on this post with a question or suggestion. Just write "Question or Suggestion" in the comment.

2. If you have no worries of anonymity, you may comment with your name on this post or write me at

I look forward to hearing from anyone in the near future. ;-)
Peaceful Things,


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your kind "shout-out" Josh! You are one of my favorite fibros and certainly one I relate to most :) Keep up the GREAT work my man....

    Do LIFE



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