Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Blogger Award For Joshland!

The Honest Scrap Award


I am honored to receive another peer presented blogger award. This time from my recently reconnected elementary school friend. In her blog, Diary of the Overanxious Horse Owner, she gives you a first hand look at working from square one with her 16 hand (64 inch) Paint Gelding quarter horse, Junior. This is an animal that can range between 800 - 1100 lbs. I can't even control my two 20 lbs dogs, meanwhile she is learning the mood swings of and training this massive animal! It's an interesting read and I suggest you take a look. "SillyPony", thanks for the award and sweet comments on your blog. You rock! Oh yeah, and give Junior a carrot for me. ;-)

This award requires me to send out 5 awards to worthy candidates. Since I just did this a few weeks ago, I am going to bide my time and find some other candidates. I will update you as I select them.

The award also asks to list 5 things about me people might not know:

1. I love Italian food and want to learn how to cook more than the few staples I know.

2. I have a goal of doing 100 push-ups. I am at 60 right now and have been stuck there for a little while. Stupid muscles. Recover faster!!

3. I would love to run my Schnauzer Henry in the obstacle course. It looks like fun to me. I wish Henry didn't have the attention span of a 2 year old.

4. I want to be in a 50's and 60's cover band.

5. I am the easiest person to make laugh.

These awards are very special to me and they blow my mind. This whole thing started on Facebook for God's sake. I answered on of those silly "25 Random Things About Me" notes/forwards. It was a time killer. The funny thing about it was that people really enjoyed my answers. They suggested I write a book or start a blog. So I did. Not because I am an outstanding writer or that I have such profound and wise things to say. I am an average writer at best and just a guy trying to live my life. But if something I say or do makes people happy, then that is a cool thing and I am all for it. I also started writing because no one knows my life better than I do, so stories will be here in black and white. That way, if people want to get to know me, tell others about me, or remember me after I am gone, all they have to do is go to this blog (or perhaps someday open a book) and read about me. I only wish Angela would have had the resources to do this while she was here.

I've never expected much from my writing, but to my surprise it has been very cathartic. It's forced me to slow down on my postings quite a bit. It's opened up some emotional and intense feelings buried inside of me that I wasn't prepared to deal with. I've started a writing class to help me organize my thoughts, gather information and hone my writing skills. I want well written stories on this blog and not just words that fill up a page. Please be patient and know that I will post things when they are ready. I promise.

Thanks for reading about my life. It means a lot to me and I hope I keep you entertained.

Peaceful Things,


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  1. Hi Josh - I am happy you received another well deserved award! Here is why I find your writing so interesting. First, I think you don't give yourself enough credit, you are a good writer! Second, you have a unique perspective on life, you may have to fight more than others on a day to day basis but you still come across as very positive and willing to do whatever it takes. I like that you challenge yourself and that you don't come off like a victim. I know many people who struggle, and those who play the victim role are so much harder to relate with. We can choose to be happy or we can choose to be miserable...I don't think there is anyone alive who doesn't have something to be miserable about, right? I like people who choose to be happy. Your blogs always have a positive spin, even when it may be something sad you are writing about. Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to more frequent posts!


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